Career Corner: How to Overcome Burnout as Life Returns to Normal

A man experiencing burnout

In August of this year alone, 4.3 million quit their jobs. The work conditions over the last 18 months have had so many people reaching their breaking point that it has now been dubbed the time of the “Great Resignation.”

The incessant stress of the pandemic has pushed many already overworked people to their breaking point where something has to give.

However, not everyone has the ability to choose to step away from a responsibility to lighten their load. Some are stuck pushed to their limit and feeling like they will soon break.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed, the Wall Street Journal recently put out an article on how to regain some tranquility and ward off burnout.

One thing they recommend is realizing that quitting your job is fine if it is truly what you want, but it is not the only way to combat work-related stress. One alternative is to be more honest about your workload.

Many people agree to take on any task at work for fear of looking bad if they say no. But if you have a solid track record, your boss should understand you are being genuine when you say you have too much on your plate right now.

It beats overbooking yourself and having to turn in work that you are not satisfied with.

This could also be a good opportunity to open a conversation with your boss about alternative strategies that might help you and others.

Many have found it to be a significant relief to work from home because it gives them more free time. If your boss is trying to get everyone back in the office, see if they are open to a hybrid model instead, provided your workflow keeps up. This is a chance to see if your manager is reasonable in being accommodating towards you.

Despite what some might think, burnout is not just something that impacts you emotionally. Chronic stress can lead to unhealthy eating habits, poor sleep, and eventually illness from falling into these bad routines.

Lethargy and headaches can become common complaints, and you might resort to treating these ailments with pain killers, increased alcohol consumption, and other bad long-term habits. Take your health seriously before it becomes a problem and treat your burnout.

For more ideas on how to stave off becoming burnt out, read the Wall Street Journal’s piece here.



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