Wawa Adds a New Level of Convenience as a Customer Time-Saver

The outside of a Wawa store and gas pumps.
Image via Tom Gralish, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The next new thing at Wawa — self-checkout. Wawa has installed kiosks in 61 convenience stores, writes Christian Hetrick for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The kiosks allow customers to buy coffee and hoagies without needing a cashier. The company plans to continue adding them out to more locations, according to Wawa spokesperson Lori Bruce.

All new stores are opening with the new checkout option.

In a pilot program, Wawa discovered the kiosks move customers through the store faster. In a pandemic, it also allows for socially distanced checkout options.

 “It is always our goal to adapt to changing customer demands, market trends, and because of that, we test new programs often to further improve our offering,” Bruce said. “We have seen positive customer reaction to the self-checkout test, and we are now in the process of reviewing and refining our processes and plan to continue to add it as an option to more stores.”

Customers are reacting to the kiosks on social media. Some liked avoiding long lines. Others said a self-checkout would make it easier to steal items.

Self-checkout joins other recent initiatives like delivery, curbside pick-up, online ordering, and drive-thru stores.

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