Career Corner: The Jobs Most Likely to Disappear within the Next Generation

Uber Drive
Passenger is sitting on the back seat of the car and using smart phone app to rate a driver at the end of an Uber ride.

It is only natural that as technology and culture advance that new types of careers will be created, while others will become obsolete. Naturally, the restrictions of the pandemic accelerated some of this by depriving many businesses of being able to gain their regular income and driving customers towards alternatives.

With Covid currently becoming more manageable, the hope is of course that industries hurt by the pandemic will recover. But the reality is not all will, and some that were already on limited time may now not return.

Per Andrew Lisa of Stacker, there are many jobs we might see fade away in the next 50 years.

Vehicle Drivers

This applies to all manner of services that depend on drivers to exist, such as taxi drivers, bus drivers, truckers, and mail carriers. The fact is that self-driving cars are becoming more common and further refined, so it is an inevitability that that technology will be implemented by businesses. If it gets to the point where you can trust your car to get you to work while you read a book, why should it be any different for a bus?

Toll Booth Operators

Toll workers already saw their necessity reduced by services like E-ZPass and now efforts are well underway to make even toll lanes for cash payers totally touch-free. Local toll booths now just get a picture of your license plate and then mail the toll bill to the residence associated with the vehicle. It is likely toll workers will soon be gone altogether.

Parking Authority

Automation may even wind up being what gives you your tickets soon. Members of parking enforcement could be too slow to catch an offender or have to worry about agitated vehicle owners becoming aggressive. The solution on the horizon for this might be to enforce parking by drones, including being able to distribute tickets.

Fast-Food Employees

Some eateries are moving beyond “service with a smile” and instead focusing on expediency. In New York, you can already find some fast-food locations that have opted out of having cashiers and instead have you order totally by kiosk.

As stated, while these jobs may disappear, new roles will almost certainly replace them. All the jobs switching to relying more on technology will need workers to maintain and optimize those machines. So maybe don’t think of this as fewer jobs for the future, but rather evolving jobs.

To read about all 50 of the jobs that might have limited time remaining, read Stacker’s article here.


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