Career Corner: Dress for a Successful Zoom Job Interview

Dressing for a Zoom Interview

Interview etiquette has long been something job seekers have struggled with, and video interviews becoming more commonplace of late has only complicated that.

You wouldn’t normally dress up to be at home all day, but what is expected when the work environment is your own house?

Vanessa Friedman of the New York Times offers some advice to help provide some clarity to this conundrum.

Some of your personality will inevitably be displayed in how you have your room set up that you choose to have your camera in. That said, that is not an open invitation to start going overboard with the personality of your attire. You are still presenting yourself as a prospective employee, not meeting with friends.

One obstacle is that for those without the option to return to an office right now, it is difficult to compare how style has changed since the pandemic started. We base much of our own style on what we like seeing in others, so how do you advance your own style when you are by yourself so frequently?

People who are famous are an obvious substitute you can model off of. And Friedman says that if you want examples, Kamala Harris is someone you can look to.

Friedman praises Harris’ simple yet authoritative attire. Her clothing choices aren’t making a bold statement, but they are classic. And going with what has long worked in the past is usually a sound strategy.

Ultimately, you should not overthink what you wear for virtual interviews. If you choose to wear the same kind of outfits that you would wear for an in-person interview, you will do just fine playing it safe.

If you want to know more, you can always read the article from the New York Times found here.