West Norriton Charity Hand-picks Items for Community Members in Need By Their Personal Shoppers

Mitzvah Circle team members.
Image via Mitzvah Circle.

Mitzvah Circle, a West Norriton charity, has a new way of helping community members in need, writes Beccah Hendrickson for 6abc.

The organization collects tens of thousands of items that were selected for those in need by their personal shoppers.

The items are stored in its 9,000-square-foot warehouse that is the charity’s home.

“‘Mitzvah Circle’ means a circle of kindness, and I think it’s really important that people understand there are many acts of kindness that don’t need to be repaid,” said Fran Held.

Held founded the charity 13 years ago and has proven to be needed more than ever in 2020. In the middle of the pandemic, Held opened a new warehouse and served 97,000 people.

This included donating 2 million diapers.

After the care packages have been put together at the warehouse, they are sent out into the community. Volunteers hand-deliver some of these goods while others are picked up by one of the 150 community partners.

“In Montgomery County, people are shocked when I say we’re delivering to Ardmore, to Bryn Mawr, to Blue Bell,” said Held. “Those are places that people do not think of as areas of need.”

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See the Mitzvah Circle team members in action!