Harcum’s Most Recent Graduates Give High Praise to the College’s Faculty, Quality of Education

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Whether evaluating the quality of instruction, preparedness of faculty, or level of enthusiasm for their subjects, Harcum College’s most recent graduates gave high marks in the 2021 Graduate Exit Survey.

Annually, the Office of Student Life surveys graduating students regarding multiple facets of their education — from Academic Affairs and Campus Activities to Campus Safety and Dining Services.

In 2021, 238 respondents (73 percent of graduates) answered 46 questions to gauge their level of satisfaction with the college on a scale from “extremely satisfied” to “very dissatisfied.” Respondents were also given an opportunity to comment on each category, and many did so voluntarily.

While the survey showed high levels of satisfaction across the college, regardless of department or area, Harcum grads consistently rated their academic experience and faculty exceedingly high. These stellar ratings were reported, despite the bulk of their educational experience occurring during a pandemic.

Simply put, Academic Affairs, program directors, and faculty members went above and beyond to manage the disruption caused by COVID-19 and deliver the quality educational experience Harcum College is known for.

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“Our faculty deserve the utmost credit. They are very well-qualified, and they want to do good and serve,” said Harcum College President Jon Jay DeTemple. “They are motivated to turn out the best practitioners in their fields.”

Ninety-one percent of graduates agreed or strongly agreed that they received high-quality instruction and quality education.

Also, faculty were rated as well prepared (87 percent) and enthusiastic (87 percent), providing sufficient information regarding course objectives, content, and evaluation of that content (91 percent).

They were also rated highly for their responsiveness and availability to discuss coursework (91 percent).

Regarding their programs of study, 90 percent of graduates said that their academic program provided a detailed understanding of their anticipated career, and 85 percent believed their Harcum education has enhanced their ability to get a job or get promoted (83 percent).

Harcum College offers majors in the Allied Health, Art & Design, Business, and Social Sciences fields and an International Studies program.

Harcum is currently enrolling students for a January start on the Bryn Mawr Campus and at 15 Partnership Sites across the region. More information is available by e-mailing enroll@harcum.edu.

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