Pottstown First-Grader Loves Conducting Scientific Experiments, Sharing Results with Friends and Family


Six-year-old Anthony Scotti of Pottstown fancies himself something of a scientist, writes Katherine Scott for 6abc.

The first-grader has always found science fascinating, but his interest grew even more during the pandemic when he discovered a new interest in conducting experiments. Now, he records himself performing his new obsession and sends the videos to his friends and family.

His parents, Chris and Lauren Scotti, are happy to oversee and nurture his interest in both science and performing.

“We just found that he loved doing these videos of science because he loves to talk in front of a camera,” said his mother.

“Once we got him going, it’s just something he sort of jumped into,” added his father.

His experiments run the gamut from exploring plants to growing crystals.

Anthony also loves school and was happy to spend most of the last year learning in person. The extra time he spent at home with his interest just helped keep him engaged, something both of his parents believe is extremely important.

“This is his thing,” said Lauren. “It’s just letting him have fun and learn while he’s doing it.”

Read more about the young scientist at 6abc.

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