Cheltenham Football Program Receives Helmet Donation from Philadelphia Eagles

Jason Kelce football team
Image via the Philadelphia Eagles and HSFA.
Jason Kelce and Fletcher Cox pose with players from Mastery Charter North after helmet donation.

Cheltenham High School is one of the three local schools that have received a helmet donation from the Philadelphia Eagles, writes Jeff Fisher for the HSFA.

New Xenith helmets, thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles and other sponsors and donations. Image via HSFA

The team has donated 150 Xenith helmets to the schools’ football programs.

The donation was spearheaded by the team’s Pro Bowlers Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, and Jason Kelce.

They decided to invest the Pro Bowl grants they had received into local youth football programs.

The Philadelphia Eagles also contributed $20,000 in addition to their $15,000 in grants, while Xenith matched the Eagles’ contributions in helmets.

This brought the final donation to $70,000 worth of equipment.

“We are incredibly grateful to Xenith for matching our helmet donation and providing much-needed safety equipment to more athletes,” said Philadelphia Eagles Vice President of Community Relations Julie Hirshey. “The health and safety of our youth is a top priority, and these helmets will ensure an enhanced, safe playing experience for over 150 high school football players in our area.”

Cheltenham High School players were overjoyed to receive the new, upgraded helmets that will help keep them safer while on the field.

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