New Bubble Tea Shop in West Chester Pops the Traditional Views of This Trendy Drink

bubble tea Tsaocaa
Image via Tsaocaa.

Tsaocaa, a new bubble tea store in West Chester, offers a unique tea-drinking experience. Customers sip its chewy and crispy tapioca “pearls” through a straw, writes Bill Rettew for the Daily Local News.

The 18-seat establishment offers numerous choices, including:

Nick Zheng at Tsaocaa
Nick Zheng. Image via Bill Rettew, Daily Local News.
  • Milk Black Tea with Crystal Pearl and Bubbles with Carmel Milk Foam
  • Black Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly
  • Peach Milk Oolong and Brown Sugar Bubble Milk

The owner of the new tea shop, Nick Zheng, was happy when space at one of the borough’s busiest intersections became available.

“I’ve been eyeballing this spot for two years,” said Zheng. “If it wasn’t for COVID, I wouldn’t be here either.”

For his bubble teas, Zheng uses organic teas with fresh tea leaves. They are made in an espresso-type machine and cooled with organic, almond, or soy milk, or coconut water. The concoction is then shaken to create the bubbles.

The store is part of a franchise that has around 40 locations. Currently, the West Chester location has two full-time and three part-time employees, but Zheng expects to increase this number.

Read more about Tsaocaa in the Daily Local News.

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