CEO of Blue Bell-based CoreDial Believes Company Culture is Key to Business Success

Image via CoreDial.
Alan Rihm.

For Alan Rihm, CEO of Blue Bell-based CoreDial, company culture represents one of the key factors in the success of an enterprise, writes Ezequiel Minaya for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“The whole engagement thing is critical,” he explained. “Trying to make sure that employees feel part of the team, that they feel like they have the support that they need.”

And though Alan Rihm is keeping pace with the technological demands created by the increasing reliance on remote work, he is still ensuring to stay true to what he believes is key to creating a cohesive and collaborative workforce.

“I value human interaction,” he said. “It seems intuitive to me that if you engage with your fellow team members more often there’s more opportunity for people to recognize greatness and an opportunity to promote somebody.”

The privately-owned CoreDial is a business-to-business company offering cloud communication products and tools including phone, messaging, and chat systems.

The company has also recently added video collaboration and meeting rooms through its acquisition of eZuce.

“The pandemic caused us to get really aggressive about looking for [a video addition],” said Alan Rihm. “Luckily, we found it.”

Read more about Alan Rihm in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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