Burglars to Revisit Media FBI Office With Book Signing and Speeches

The site of the former FBI office in Media, scene of a 1971 break-in by activists.
Image via MediaNews Group.
1-7 Veterans Square in Media Borough, the the former FBI office where incriminating documents were taken.

It’s a reunion like no other. 

On September 1, activists who broke into the FBI office in Media 50 years ago will return to the site to commemorate the anniversary of the event, reports the Daily Times.

They will be joined by Washington Post reporter Betty Medsger, who broke the story. 

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission will dedicate a historical marker at 1-7 Veterans Square in Media Borough where the office was located. 

The break-in on March 8, 1971, uncovered documented evidence of an FBI illegal surveillance program, COINTELPRO, on American citizens.

The burglar activists got hold of documents showing the FBI watched and infiltrated non-violent anti-Vietnam War protestors and civil rights groups. One of their targets was Martin Luther King, Jr.

The September 1 event, MEDBURG 2021, is presented by the Media Arts Council.

It includes:

  • Tours of the former FBI office
  •  A book signing for “The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI.” by Betty Medsger and burglars Bonnie Raines and Keith Forsyth
  • Screening of the documentary “1971” at the Media Theatre followed by an on-stage panel discussion with some of the principle figures.

Click here for event information.

Read more at the Daily Times about this unique anniversary.

Here’s a trailer for the documentary “1971” about the Media FBI office break-in.



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