Valley Forge National Historical Park Immerses You in Nation’s History While Surrounded By Gorgeous Nature

Nature Trail in Valley Forge Park
Image via MONTCO Today.
A jogger enjoys the nature trails in Valley Forge Park.

Families that ventured to Valley Forge National Historical Park on Memorial Day were able to immerse themselves in the nation’s history while staying outside in gorgeous nature, writes Matteo Iadonisi for 6abc.

Valley Forge National Historical Park is the site of the six-month hiatus in 1777 where thirteen disorganized, separate fighting forces, transformed into one army.

“It was a difficult winter, 2,000 men died because of malnutrition, disease,” said Don Naimoli of the Valley Forge Park Alliance.

The site has replicas of 12-person huts with wooden bunk beds built by soldiers which can be entered during the visit. Visitors can also run into park rangers dressed in costume who are always ready to interpret its history for guests.

“We saw the cannons, which I found pretty cool,” said Anna Pilato from Berwyn. “And then, we saw the huts and we saw how, like, they had to survive the winters here.”

The park also features around 3,500 acres with walkable trails and vehicle routes that let you enjoy the surrounding nature.

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