Do a SWOT Analysis on Your LinkedIn Profile


Have you done an audit of your Linkedin profile? Have you considered doing a LinkedIn SWOT analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?

If not, now is your opportunity to self-reflect. Maybe you need to attend a LinkedIn workshop or come back for a refresher course. You will always find learning opportunities available to you.

There are over 60 questions you can answer using this SWOT Analysis on Your LinkedIn profile. It is a Google doc you can access at

Here are the 67 questions you can use to guide your LinkedIn profile SWOT analysis:

  1. Have you customized your LinkedIn URL?
  2. Have you added your degrees after your last name?
  3. Is your photo a professional-looking headshot of just you that is friendly and charismatic?
  4. Do you need to change the background of your photo? Try 
  5. Do you have a unique banner like a word cloud or one made with
  6. Did you create a meta tag for your photo?
  7. Did you create a meta tag for your banner?
  8. Do you have other images or links on your profile?
  9. Did you create a metatag for other images on your profile?
  10.  Do you have key titles and keywords in your headline? You can read about keywords in several articles.
  11.  Is your headline using all of the characters allowed (220)?
  12.  Have you researched ALL of your keywords in the jobs tab?
  13.  Do you have your location as Greater Philadelphia Area? (or just a specific city like West Chester?)
  14.  Did you choose the best description for your industry?
  15.  In the contact info section do you have your email?
  16.  In the contact info section do you have your phone number?
  17.  In the contact info section do you have your address? (If you are a brick and mortar business, this is good. Any other circumstance, this is probably bad. Anyone can look you up on
  18.  In the contact info section do you have your social media Twitter or other handles?
  19.  In the contact info section do you have your website(s) if you have one?
  20. In the contact info section do you have a calendar scheduling link like Calendly?
  21. Have you utilized most of the 2600 characters in the About section?
  22.  Is your About section a bunch of long paragraphs (or have you included white space so people can skim and scan the content)?
  23.  Have you typed content in your About section mainly in bullet point form so it’s skimmable and scannable?
  24.  Do you have any quantifiable accomplishments in the About section? (percents, numbers, $, increased, decreased, etc.)
  25.  Does your About section include a human likable and relatable element?
  26.  Do you have keywords in your About section?
  27.  Is your list of keywords bullet-pointed un alpha order to make it easy for people to understand your strengths?
  28.  Do you have 50 skills and endorsements?
  29.  Have you researched those words that are your skills and endorsements?
  30.  Have you pinned your top 3 skills and endorsements?
  31.  Do you have recommendations and have you given them too?
  32.  Have you added your education?
  33.  Does your education have the logos from where you went to school?
  34.  Do you have a company page with a logo?
  35.  Have you embellished your job titles up to 100 characters with keywords?
  36.  Do you have paragraphs under your work experience? (or bullet points)
  37.  Do you have up to 100 groups?
  38.  Do you participate in groups?
  39.  Do you have at least 500 connections?
  40.  Are you following companies?
  41.  Have you checked your public profile settings?
  42.  Have you written articles?
  43.  Have you added the written articles to your publications section?
  44.  Are you posting content?
  45.  Are you engaging with the content of others? (like, share, comment)
  46.  Have you added your volunteer experience or Board positions?
  47.  Do you have any patents to add?
  48. Do you have any certifications or licenses to add?
  49.  Have you added any coursework you have taken?
  50.  Have you added any test scores that may be relevant? 
  51.  Do you speak any other languages?
  52.  Have you listed the professional organizations you belong to?
  53.  Have you taken any LinkedIn Learning or other courses that are substantial and added coursework to your Linkedin profile?
  54.  If you are a job seeker, have you clicked on the Career Interests button and filled out that section?
  55.  Is that section visible to the public or to recruiters? If public, you will be wearing the green scarf!
  56.  If you are a service provider, have you filled out the “Providing Services” tab?
  57.  Have you checked consistency for Oxford commas (or AP style) in your writing?
  58.  Have you chekd yer speling?
  59.  Do you have white space so people can skim and scan?
  60.  Does your competitor’s (colleague’s) LinkedIn profile look better than yours?
  61.  If you don’t know what this is, should you become a member and learn and engage in career management?
  62.  Have you added your pronouns to your profile?
  63.  Do you have content in the Featured section?
  64.  As a job seeker, turn off the People Also Viewed feature.
  65.  Have you reviewed you public profile settings?
  66.  Have you added media?
  67.  Stay tuned for other new features like cover story and content creator!

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