Wall Street Journal: Explosion in Online Sales Spurred Major Investments in Companies Like King of Prussia’s Radial

Image via Hal Bergman, The Wall Street Journal.
A Radial fulfillment center in Rialto, Calif.

The pandemic-driven explosion in online sales has spurred major investments in online fulfillment and technology providers such as King of Prussia’s Radial which help businesses meet their online shopping demand, writes Jennifer Smith for The Wall Street Journal.

Furthermore, e-commerce providers are not anticipating any major drops in demand as the pandemic subsides. In fact they believe that while shoppers may return to the mall, consumers will still keep their digital shopping habits intact.

In addition, many brands are jumping on the bandwagon, looking to take advantage of the shifting consumer behavior.

“We’re seeing a lot of brands start to think about what their long-term strategy looks like,” said Ilias Simpson, chief executive of Radial, “and that change in their business model, that increased e-commerce mix.”

The majority of the brands Radial works with “have very ambitious growth targets for their e-commerce business,” added Simpson.

And while overall volumes have dropped slightly for Radial since the height of the pandemic, demand is still up compared to 2019.

This has prompted the company to open more distribution centers in North America and Europe.

Read more about Radial in The Wall Street Journal.

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