Wawa Founding Family Donates $25 Million Gift to CHOP for Fetal Medicine Program

Richard D. Wood Jr. and pediatric surgeon N. Scott Adzick who started the Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center
Image via Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Richard D. Wood Jr. (left) a longtime supporter of CHOP, and N. Scott Adzick, a pediatric surgeon who started the Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment center in 1995.

The founding family of Wawa, Inc. has given a $25 million donation to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s fetal medicine program, writes Harold Brubaker for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The 25-year-old Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment was opened to treat children with birth defects before they are born.

The Center is being renamed The Richard D. Wood Jr. Center in honor of Richard Wood.

He was on the CHOP board for 16 years. The Wood family has been supporting the hospital since its founding in 1855.

“It’s an extraordinary, historic gift,” said N. Scott Adzick, a pediatric surgeon who started the center in 1995. “This is going to fuel innovation, it’s going to fuel program development, it’s going to fuel research, it’s going to fuel recruitment. We couldn’t be more excited about it.”

The gift will support more space for the Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit created for healthy mothers carrying babies with birth defects.

It creates new endowments for a Distinguished Chair and Fellowships in Pediatric Surgical Science.

Another initiative includes a birth defects biorepository for genome research “so that we can unravel the genetic basis of the various defects that we treat,” Adzick said.

Read more at nbcphiladelphia.com about the Wood family donation to CHOP.

Here’s a video tour from December 2020 for potential patients coming to CHOP’s Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment.