Ardmore Wawa Employee Teams Up With Lansdale Custom Design Company for T-shirt Campaign

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Patrick Visgil, a delivery driver who also works at Ardmore Wawa, has teamed up with the owner of Lansdale’s The Ram King, Nick Onushco, to launch the SmallBizPhilly76 campaign, writes Matteo Iadonisi for 6abc.

The aim is to raise awareness and pride for many small businesses in the area by creating branded t-shirts for them.

“When it comes to things like marketing and advertising, I feel like that shouldn’t be a cost that they have to put up with,” said Visgil.

Visgil and Onushco reached out to local hot spots and signed them up for the project for free. For each t-shirt sold, the respective business receives $10.

“Everybody loves a t-shirt,” said Onushco. “It’s a connection that you’re making with that person. They remember you and they go and spread the good word about your business.”

So far, the duo has already raised over $1,500.

The second campaign is expected to launch sometime in August or September, said Visgil.

Read more about SmallBizPhilly76 at 6abc.

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