New York Times Honors Local Students for Their Work in STEM Writing Contest

ny times stem writing contest

Conestoga High School student Evan Lu, 15, is one of the runner-ups in the Second Annual STEM Writing Contest run by The New York Times.

In partnership with Science News, The New York Times challenged teenagers around the globe to pick a question, concept, or issue related to STEM that interested them. The competition then required entrants to explain it clearly to a general audience in 500 words or less.

The contest received 3,741 entries. Out of these, organizers selected 11 winners, 15 runners-up, and 36 honorable mentions.

Lu was among the runners-up, thanks to his essay titled “Machine-Made Music: How Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining Musical Composition.”

In addition to Lu, 17-year-old Eric Han, a student at Great Valley High School, was among the honorable mentions. Han was recognized for his essay, “The Issue of Plastic Pollution, and How Bacteria and Engineered Enzymes Are Fighting Back.”

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