Thanks to Keystone Scholars Program, Lansdale Family Starts Saving for Their Baby’s College Early

Image via Tyger Williams, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
The Felts Family.

Alex and Bridget Felts of Lansdale have started saving for their daughter Rowen’s college education early with the help of the Pennsylvania Treasury’s Keystone Scholar program, writes Rita Giordano for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

However, the pair nearly missed out on the opportunity to get a $100 starter deposit for future higher education expenses from the state by almost throwing away the invitation for it.

“I initially thought it was some kind of junk mail, and it was going in the trash,” said Alex. “But I took a look at it, and it said something about a free $100 toward your [child’s] college savings account. It sounded too good to be true, but I filled it out.”

A year later, the parents are glad they took this step. The initial $100 inspired them to start saving and ensuring to contribute monthly into the baby’s account.

And while college is still quite a distance away, at least one of her parents already has a school he is cheering for.

“I loved my Penn State experience,” said Alex. “I’m a big Penn State fan.”

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