Retired Teacher Seeks a Partial Liver Donor That Can Save His Life


A progressive auto-immune disease is destroying the liver of a retired teacher living in nearby Delaware County, but he can be saved with a partial liver transplant if a donor can be found, reports Shawnette Wilson for Fox 29.

It’s a mission now for Ron Romoff, 70, and his wife, Joyce, to find that donor.

Ten years ago, Ron was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. It inflames, blocks and scars the bile ducts, eventually causing the liver to fail.

Doctors give Romoff only a 50 percent chance of surviving to age 73 without a partial liver transplant. “The person who donates will grow back the piece that they donate and I will grow a liver,” Ron said.

His wife Joyce has watched the man she describes as her best friend deteriorate from the disease. “I want my husband. I love my husband,” she said.

Romoff had a teaching career at the very school where he graduated, Central High in Philadelphia. “It was a great, great job,” he said.

Ron hopes he can get well enough to travel to Israel and keep playing the saxophone.

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