Remarkable Navy Vet Treated to a Parade for 100th Birthday


Lt. Ralph Perkner, retired U.S. Navy vet and optometrist, received a parade of support in nearby Broomall Sunday to celebrate his 100th birthday, reports Dan Koob for

 “He’s a remarkable, remarkable man,” Tom Murray, Perkner’s son-in-law, said. “I hope if I get as old as he is, I’m half as good as he is.”

“It’s a wonderful day,” Perkner said. “And you wonder how you got here, but here I am, so I’m stuck.”

The father of five was honored by his community and his family.

 “My father-in-law is a very unique individual,” Murray said.

The man with a dry sense of humor retired as an optometrist relatively recently, at age 90. He still manages to swim twice a week.

His secret to longevity and health? Get in trouble when you’re young, then “hit the straight and narrow when you age.”

“I was a bad kid,” Perkner said.

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