Pandemic Drinking, Beer vs. Wine: See Which One is Preferred in Montgomery County

Image via Pexels.

While beer seems to be the drink of choice for the majority of counties in both the nation and Pennsylvania, most of the suburban counties surrounding Philadelphia, especially Montgomery County, prefers to relax with a nice glass of wine, according to a new report by Esri.

Image via Pexels.

On the national level, 3,012 counties that have a combined population of 273,074,386 purchase more beer. Meanwhile, 130 counties with a combined population of 50,500,013 buy more wine.

Based on per capita spending by US county, Montgomery, Chester, and Bucks counties have a strong wine preference, while Delaware County is the outlier slanting towards beer.

The wine-preferring counties also spend more money on drinks than surrounding counties, at least for overall wine and beer sales.

Read more about Montgomery County’s drink preferences at Esri by clicking here.

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