Once-Humble Farmhouse in Worcester Now Stands as Spectacular Residence

Christine Tarlecki

A once-humble farmhouse in Worcester has transformed over its two-and-a-half centuries into a spectacular residence ideal for relaxing and entertaining, writes Sandy Smith for Philadelphia Magazine.



From first glance, it is clear that this French-inspired classic is a classy, elegant, and well-maintained house has evolved over the centuries through additions, renovations, and transformation.

The first section was built in 1770 with the first major addition built in 1860 when two stories were added on top of the original house along with one of the wings. The second addition came to life in 1980 when the 1,000-square-foot family room complex was completed.

In fact many of the rooms in this splendid home grab attention, including a corridor that runs the depth of the first floor and serves as a foyer, attractive kitchen, and the elegant dining room that retains its original 18th-century character.

The living room impresses with its mural on the wall and fireplace, with the latter also featuring in the study.

Meanwhile, a part of the old bank barn now houses cars instead of horses while the rest is a game and media room.

The home is currently available for sale for $899,000.

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