‘Last Call,’ a Film Comedy With a Local Delco Focus, Opens in March


 “Last Call” a movie with its roots deep in the local area and nearby Upper Darby, is scheduled to open March 19.

The movie is loosely based on the experiences of Upper Darby High School Class of 1990 graduate Greg Lingo, executive producer and co-writer with director Paolo Pilladi, reports Dawn Timmeney at fox29.com.

The film stars Jeremy Piven  and two-time Oscar nominee Bruce Dern, Taryn Manning, fellow Upper Darbians Jamie Kenney and Cheri Oteri, Raging Bull Oscar nominee Cathy Moriarty, Jack McGee, and Zach McGowan.

Piven portrays Mick, a successful real estate developer, who returns to his offbeat, blue collar neighborhood in “Darby Heights” for a funeral and ends up trying to save the family bar, reconnecting with the neighborhood he tried to escape.

Lingo, who also happens to be a successful real estate developer living in Wayne, says the film comes from a collection of stories he and his neighborhood buddies put together.

“This is a slice of life comedy. It’s really just a way to celebrate the intricacies and uniqueness of people and the bond we had they’re very translatable whether you are from outside of Philly or inside Philly,” Lingo explained.

Read more about “Last Call” at fox29.com.