County Commissioners Chair ‘Surprised, Furious, and Disappointed’ Over Vaccine Shortage

Image via Jessica Griffin, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Montgomery County will not receive enough doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for residents who are scheduled to receive their second shots next week, writes Rob Tornoe for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to County Board of Commissioners chair Valerie Arkoosh, 5,279 Montgomery County residents are expecting to get their second dose of the Moderna vaccine sometime next week.

But with insufficient doses being provided by the state, the county will have to contact those impacted by the shortage and reschedule their appointments.

Arkoosh emphasized that the county will make sure that the inoculations take place within the maximum approved interval, which is 42 days.

Acting Pennsylvania Health Secretary Alison Beam had said earlier this week that over 100,000 Pennsylvanians might have to reschedule or even cancel their vaccine appointments as the state continues to grapple with a shortage of second doses of the Moderna vaccine.

“I was surprised, furious, and disappointed when I got this news because we had been assured repeatedly that those second doses would be there for us,” said Arkoosh.

The county plans to switch to Pfizer’s two-dose vaccine for the upcoming first dose inoculations. Read more about the vaccine shortage at The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.