Career Corner: Is an MBA a Good Fit For You?

Obtaining an MBA can open the door to many career and leadership opportunities, but it also involves significant time and money commitments that are not for everyone.

The economic downturn induced by the coronavirus has prompted some people to contemplate going to business school, but several things need to be considered before determining whether an MBA is a good fit for you, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Obtaining an MBA can help change careers in certain industries. A traditional MBA is a good choice for people who may be missing the skills to advance in their current career or those looking to change their career to achieve better earnings.

Some employees also require an MBA as a prerequisite for certain top jobs.


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However, business school is not for everybody.  This is especially true for people who want to work in a sector where getting an MBA will not result in a salary increase that would justify the accompanying student debt.

It is also better and easier to get a traditional MBA sooner rather than later in life because the format is ideal for single people with more flexibility in their lives.

And while a traditional MBA degree comes with a big-time and money commitment, there are other alternatives worth considering, such as part-time and one-year programs, among others.

Read more about MBA pros and cons at The Wall Street Journal by clicking here.


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