MONTCO Careers: Manor College Looking to Fill Several Positions, Including Public Safety Manager

Image via Pixabay.

Several job opportunities are currently available at Manor College in Jenkintown, including Public Safety Manager, Vice President of Enrollment Management along with Office Manager and Database Coordinator.

The Public Safety Manager is in charge of establishing campus safety and security programs as well as fire prevention at Manor College.

Knowledge and experience in campus security procedures with law and law enforcement are an added plus.

Vice President of Enrollment Management provides strategic leadership and direction in the efforts to grow and sustain enrollment at the college.

The Vice President of Enrollment Management will work with the Provost and other institutional leaders to create and implement policies, strategies, and all of the services that positively impact student enrollment and retention as well as engagement and overall satisfaction with college services.

The Office Manager and Database Coordinator provides direct support and clerical support along with oversight of the Slate CRM for Enrollment/Admissions operations. This role assists in the processing applications and deposits of prospective students, implementing and maintaining Slate, and updating the information in CAMS.

In addition the Office Manager and Database Coordinator supports the mission of Manor College.

Other positions are also available. These include tutors, bus drivers, and maintenance.

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