Your Employer May Help You Pay For Your MBA


By Leslie Feldman

Whether your a recent college graduate considering going back to school or someone climbing your career ladder for way too many years and are finally serious about getting your MBA, paying an MBA, or any graduate degree for that matter, is always top-of-mind.

If you are currently working, your employer may offer tuition assistance, and with the cost of graduate school these days, this can be a great help.

According to a survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, 57% of organizations surveyed have tuition reimbursement programs.


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Many companies will help pay for their employees to return to college if they are interested in earning an additional degree or certification. These college courses give you new skills that increase your chances for a salary increase or a higher paying job.

This article highlights 15 companies that offer tuition assistance programs for their employees. Though they are large companies, smaller businesses and organizations often offer this benefit as well.

Benefits to the Employer
  • Employers want employees to have the knowledge and skills to help them succeed at their job.
  • By earning a degree in a job-related field or continuing studies, you can become a better employee.
  • Employees will be more loyal to employers when they offer tuition reimbursement for education. This in turn, will reduce turnover in jobs for the company.
How to Approach Your Employer
  • Speak to your current boss about your interest in taking college courses. If you get the “buy-in” from your manager, you are already one step ahead of the game.
  • Inquire with your human resources department as to what tuition assistance programs your company offers.
  • Do some homework on your own as to what college who be a good fit for what you are interested in studying, flexibility and type of learning options offered, such as virtual, on-site or hybrid.
  • Even if no tuition program exists at your place of employment, you may be able to present a compelling case that convinces your employer to help you pay.
Signing a Contract

An employer that agrees to pay your tuition may ask you to sign a contract. Make sure you read it thoroughly and understand your obligations. Don’t sign a contract that you are not comfortable with or asks you to stay with the company for an unreasonable amount of time.

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