6 Critical Factors to Weigh When Deciding Where To Get an MBA in the Philadelphia Area


By Leslie Feldman

If you’re reading this article, congratulations on deciding to go back and get an MBA. You have made a great decision to seek a degree that companies are looking for when hiring employees for top level positions.

However, choosing where to get an MBA from so many options out there can sometimes be overwhelming.

“Finding the best MBA program for you depends on your needs and goals. It’s a personal decision that depends on your budget, schedule, and ultimately, your desired career path,” says Ken Morlino, D.B.A., Chair and Associate Professor in Wilmington University’s MBA program. “There’s no one-size fits all answer.”

Here are 6 factors to think about when you’re choosing an MBA program:

  1. Faculty play an integral part in your education. Choose a program where faculty are active practitioners in the field. You will benefit from the experience and insight.
  2. The option to earn your degree while working or staying home to raise a family. Many MBA students hold down full- or part-time jobs while earning their degree or need to remain at home due to family commitments.  If you are one of those individuals, you should look for a program that offers mobile options. Also, make sure there is some flexibility should anything major occur in your life that might affect your studies.
  3. Look for helping hands. If your program’s staff care about you and your success, it will work out much better for you. They will know you and can offer advice about work/school/life balance and help you deal with any challenges that come up along the way.
  4. Select an MBA program that will move your life forward. You don’t want an MBA to be just another diploma hanging on the wall of your home office. When making a decision about where to get an MBA, ask questions about the faculty and what resources the university has for career services. If you don’t, you could just be more in debt with no job at the end.
  5. Size does matter. Smaller classes can prove beneficial as it means more individualized attention from faculty and from career counselors when it’s time to look for work.
  6. Challenging programs make you better. A rigorous program will help you to become a strategic thinker and manager that you are striving for. Look for a program that stretches your abilities.

“An MBA is a respected, desirable degree that many employers look for when hiring or promoting for management and leadership positions,” adds Morlino. “Your MBA is a significant investment of time and tuition dollars, so it’s important to do your research and weigh all the factors before deciding where to get an MBA.”

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