New Montgomery County COVID-19 Testing Platform to Turn Around Results in Less Than 36 Hours

State Rep. Todd Stephens has partnered with TPIN to ensure a more speedy return of COVID-19 test results to patients.

State Rep. Todd Stephens announced the new COVID-19 testing platform in Montgomery County began testing on Aug. 17 and the turnaround time for results is just over 12 hours.

In July, people who got tested did not receive their results until up to 14 days after testing. Stephens began working with The Physicians Integrated Network (TPIN), an organization of 750 physicians, to try to reduce the time it takes to receive results.

“This is great news,” Stephens said. “It proves we can return results to individuals while there is time to treat a patient who needs it or allow those who test negative to return to work or school or contact vulnerable family members without unnecessary delays.”

Mako-Medical signed an agreement with Montgomery County and is contractually obligated to return results in less than 36 hours. COVID-19 test specimens are flown by private jet down to North Carolina to ensure this turnaround time. Patients are notified via text message when their results are ready.

“The amount of integration and logistics to make this happen were herculean and would not have been successful without the Montgomery County leadership’s persistence,” said Dr. Mark Victor, Chairman of TPIN.

Mako-Medical will also send Montgomery Count a report of positive cases daily.

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