Shelter in Place Dashboard Shows Montco First Among Counties for Practicing Good Habits During Coronavirus Pandemic


The new Shelter in Place Dashboard recently launched by SafeGraph shows that the Philadelphia suburbs are practicing good habits during the coronavirus pandemic.

The dashboard compares shelter-in-place or stay-at-home percentages for every county in the country based on location data collected from over 45 million smartphones. This provides a good reflection of true responses to shelter in place orders as it is based on the percentage of people leaving their homes.

The Shelter in Place Index represents the change in the percentage of people staying home compared to baseline. This is defined as the average percent of people staying home every day across the seven days ending February 12, 2020.

According to the data, Montgomery County’s Shelter in Place Index was at 30.28 on April 4, the highest of all the counties in Pennsylvania.

Chester County’s index was 28.41, putting it in third place.

Meanwhile Delaware County came in fourth place statewide with an index of 26.16.

Overall in Pennsylvania, the Shelter in Place Index was 20.03, which puts it in the upper half of all the states at eleventh place.

Read more about the Shelter in Place Index by clicking here.

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