Delco’s Scrub Daddy Sees Sales Jump With Focus on Coronavirus Cleanliness

Scrub Daddy creator Aaron Krause at his company's headquarters in Folcroft, Image via Charles Fox, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Folcroft manufacturer of a household cleaning product has seen sales jump significantly since the arrival of the coronavirus in the U.S., writes Sam Wood for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Sales of Scrub Daddy, the sunshine-shaped sponge, have increased 20 percent at Walmart.

“So many people are going to the supermarket cleaning aisles and clearing out the shelves. It’s given us a huge boost in sales,” said Aaron Krause, the company CEO, and Scrub Daddy inventor.

“That’s not something we expected,” Krause said. “Hopefully this coronavirus thing dies down and we’ll see a lull in the summer.”

Scrub Daddy, Krause said, is now the third largest sponge manufacturer in the nation after 3M products Scotch Bright and O-Cello.

He and his investor-partner have sold more than $270 million day-glo sponges.   Vendors include Walmart, QVC, Bed Bath & Beyond and “all major chains and every major retailer,” Krause said.

Krause has also been a winner on the TV series Shark Tank.

Scrub Daddy was founded in 2012 and occupies 80,000 square feet in two Folcroft buildings.

The proprietary “high-tech polymer” foam is made at industrial plans in northern New Jersey and Cologne, Germany.

Read more about Scrub Daddy’s boost in sales here.

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