Arcadia University Shuts Down All Spring Break Travel

Arcadia University campus in Glenside. Many local colleges and universities, including Arcadia, are deciding how to proceed and are preparing for all eventualities, be it in-person, online, or virtual classes.

For the first time in Arcadia University’s Preview program 27-year history, the University has shut down all study abroad travel scheduled for spring break 2020 to protect the Arcadia community from the spreading coronavirus, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“We are seeking to balance our concerns for students’ health and well-being and their need to make academic progress, while responding thoughtfully to the dynamic challenges at hand,” says Arcadia spokesperson Dan DiPrinzio.

Though some of the dozen scheduled trips were not to countries with recorded cases of the coronavirus, all spring break travel has been canceled. Preview destinations included various countries in Europe, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, China, Oman and Costa Rica.

However, semester programs already underway in Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia will continue as planned.

Students with cancelled travel plans have paid a fee of $595 and have the option to either be refunded immediately, or to study abroad in the next academic year, to which that fee will be applied.

Arcadia is top in the nation for study abroad, with about 80% of students that end up participating in a study abroad experience during their four years at Arcadia.

Read more about Arcadia University’s decision to cancel spring break travel plans at the Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.


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