Washington Post: New Accelerated Flight Program in Blue Bell Working to Fix Pilot Shortages

Image via FlyGATEWAY.

A new accelerated flight program located in Blue Bell, aims to help meet the international shortage of pilots by making the industry more accessible, writes Zoë Read for The Washington Post.

The program is offered by FlyGATEWAY, a new aviation institute that began at New Castle Airport in Delaware before expanding to include Blue Bell and Allentown.

The flight program is being offered in partnership with Liberty University and has now received nonprofit status. This will help it offer full scholarships to future students who are not able to afford a traditional flight school.

Additionally, the program wants to train veterans whose education would be funded by the Veterans Administration.

“It’s an expensive enterprise,“ said founder Regis de Ramel. “That’s why we started the nonprofit. It’s not feasible for a lot of low-income kids to get into the space, but the space is really lucrative.”

The out-of-pocket tuition at FlyGATEWAY is $55,000 to complete the entire program that usually takes around two years.

This makes it a significantly cheaper option than the traditional four-year aviation schools that can cost as much as four times more.

Read more about FlyGATEWAY at The Washington Post by clicking here.

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