See How Montgomery County Ranked among Top Ten Best Places for Women to Save Money in Pennsylvania


Montgomery County is the second-best place in Pennsylvania for women to save money, according to a recently published study by SmartAsset.

To determine the rankings for its Best Places for Women to Save list, the financial technology company analyzed county-level data on income for women working full-time over 12 months.

Using federal and state tax rates, SmartAsset calculated the median after-tax income, and then subtracted the cost of living in each county.

The places with the highest remaining amount represented the counties where women have the best opportunity in the state to build their savings.

Montgomery County scored 59.20 on the Best Places for Women to Save Index with a median income of $55,625, a cost of living of $23,072, and an estimated tax rate of 17.20 percent. This gave the women of Montgomery County a purchasing power of 2.00.

Neighboring counties also ranked highly on the list. Chester County came first with a median income of $57,103 and a cost of living of $23,072.

Meanwhile Delaware County was fourth with a $49,910 median income and $23,072 for the cost of living.

Read more about the Best Places for Women to Save at SmartAsset by clicking here.

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