J.P. Mascaro & Sons Gets on Front Line of Progressing Recycling Industry with ‘First-Ever’ Initiative

Steve Sikra, associate director of global research and development for Procter & Gamble, demonstrates some of the material that can now be accepted as part of the pilot program to recycle flexible plastic packaging. Sikra spoke at a meeting hosted by J.P. Mascaro & Sons. Image via Media News Group File Photo.

Audubon-based J.P. Mascaro & Sons is at the forefront of the evolving recycling industry with its new initiative to do curbside pickups of flexible plastic packaging for recycling at its TotalRecycle materials recovery facility, writes Donna Rovins for the Pottstown Mercury.

The company is the first in the nation to recycle this kind of plastic packaging. This includes items such as clear storage bags, bread bags, chip bags, product overwrap, and many other types.

J.P. Mascaro & Sons was chosen to pilot the two-year program by Materials Recovery for the Future. It awarded the company $2.6 million to install optical sorting equipment that allows for this type of recycling at its TotalRecycle facility.

The aim is to show that these kinds of materials can be recycled and marketed to end-users.

Pottstown Borough was the first municipality to begin collecting it for recycling in September. So far, the program has been going well.

“Residents are thrilled to have this option and think it’s a great step for sustainability borough wide and toward their personal goals,” said Justin Keller, Pottstown borough manager.

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