Glenside Resident Brings Mobile Greenhouse Classroom Directly to Local Children

David Bjorkgren
Howard Brosius (left, in red) passes out fresh vegetables to preschoolers at Mt. Airy Child Space. The children are in Brosius’ new mobile classroom – a greenhouse on a flat bed trailer. Image via Pete Mazzaccaro, Chestnut Hill Local.

Chipping Hill Micro Farms nonprofit educational organization, started by Glenside resident Howard Brosius six years ago, has introduced a new mobile greenhouse classroom, writes Pete Mazzaccaro for the Chestnut Hill Local.

Brosius started the nonprofit to teach children in underprivileged neighborhoods about growing and eating vegetables. A major part of his classes focuses on cutting up fresh vegetables and having children taste them with a small serving of dressing.

Before the new educational aid was added to the organization’s arsenal, he had to carry a lot of soil-filled pots and bins filled with fresh vegetables to the preschools where he held his free classes. Now, he can simply tow his literal greenhouse with a pickup truck directly to the children.

“It’s wonderful,” he said. “With the mobile unit, I no longer have to carry all my supplies into a school. I’m all set up.”

The mobile classroom cost around $45,000 to build. It can accommodate around 20 small children and features a shelf of raised-bed garden space featuring various vegetables, a refrigerator, and heater.

Brosius’ goal for next year is to expand his program to reach even more children.

Read more about Chipping Hill Micro Farm at the Chestnut Hill Local by clicking here.

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