Diagnostic Test Developed By Lower Gwynedd-Based Cognizance Biomarkers Improves Epileptic Seizure Diagnosis

Lower Gwynedd-based Cognizance Biomarkers has developed a diagnostic test that accurately differentiates between seizures and other neurological conditions. Image via LinkedIn.

Lower Gwynedd-based Cognizance Biomarkers, a subsidiary of Evogen, is improving epileptic seizure diagnosis with a test that accurately differentiates between seizures and other neurological conditions that are commonly misdiagnosed as epilepsy, writes Queen Muse for the Philadelphia Magazine.

Cognizance, which works out of Spring House Innovation Park, a hub for life science and biotech companies that originated at University of Pennsylvania.

There, Peter Crino and John Pollard, two neurologists, set out to develop diagnostic tools for their clinical practice.

They often saw patients who had suffered some kind of transient neurological event, but they did not have a subjective way to make a definitive diagnosis.

They ran a pilot study to determine if inflammation is both a cause and consequence of epileptic seizures, and the results allowed them to accurately identify and separate patients with and without seizures.

They then patented their technology and officially launched the company in 2012.

“Our first blood test enables epilepsy to be diagnosed and treated more rapidly and accurately,” said Todd Wallach, president of Cognizance. “This approach has the potential to empower physicians to more effectively manage their epilepsy patients’ treatment over time, as well as to inform new drug clinical development.”

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