Which Two Montgomery County Schools Made WalletHub’s Best Colleges and Universities for 2020

With the requirements for standardized test scores relaxed for fall 2021 admissions, some local colleges have seen their applications jump significantly.

One Montgomery County college, Bryn Mawr , cracked a top 100 list of best universities and colleges in the nation for 2020, reports  WalletHub.

Haverford College, in Montgomery and Delaware counties, was just outside of the top 100, at 101, according to the report.

A third prominent university nearby, Villanova, also made the top 100 list.

WalletHub compared 1,003 higher-education institutions in the U.S. based on 33 key measures grouped into seven categories.                                                                          

  • Villanova University ranked overall 75th in the nation. It ranked 192nd in campus experience,  258thin faculty resources, 184th in educational outcomes and 19th in career outcomes.  It ranked 988th in cost and financing.
  • Bryn Mawr College ranked overall 87th in the Nation. It ranked 44th in campus experience, 64th in faculty resources, 299th in educational outcomes and 338th in career outcomes.  It ranked 943rd in cost and financing.
  • Haverford College ranked overall 101stth in the nation. It ranked 98th in campus experience, 68th in faculty resources, 175th in educational outcomes and 120th in career outcomes.  It ranked 1,003rd in cost and financing.

Within Pennsylvania, Villanova University ranked fifth, Bryn Mawr College ranked seventh and Haverford College ranked eighth.

You can read WalletHub’s entire report here.

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