Ardmore Software Developer Has Been Keeping Commuters Updated on SEPTA Rides On Cheeky Website for 7 Years


For seven years, Doug Muth, an Ardmore software developer, has been  keeping the region’s commuters updated on the state of SEPTA’s rides on his cheeky website, Is SEPTA F*****?, writes Hector Davila Jr. for the

Muth started confronting SEPTA tardiness using his site in 2012 by tracking all regional transit lines and determining how f***** SEPTA is at any given moment, system wide, according to the number of delayed lines.

In the seven years since, his site has not changed much.

“The two main changes were making the website mobile friendly, and adding the infamous ‘Turbo F*****’ status,” said Muth.

He also started archiving the site’s data and created, which he refers to as “a more professional concept” to store train data for all available trains, lines, and stations.

“Currently, I have 60 million pieces of train data going back 4 years,” he said. “Every train, every minute, how late it is, the next station, and its lat/lon coordinates.”

And while his original site gets up to 1,000 visits per day, he has not yet received any feedback from SEPTA itself.

Read more about Doug Muth at the by clicking here.

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