Vineyard in Landenberg changing perception of Pennsylvania wines

Image via Paradocx Vineyard.

Paradocx Vineyard in Landenberg, Chester County, is one of many wineries in the state working hard to change the negative perception of Pennsylvania wines and prove they can compete on the national stage, writes Kennedy Rose for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Pennsylvania has a shorter growing season and relatively low production compared to its winemaking peers nationwide. However, things have been improving. Today, the Keystone State has more than 300 licensed wineries, compared to 55 in 2000.

Also, the loosening of the state’s strict laws on alcohol sales that now allow wineries to also sell beer and liquor has helped.

According to Trish Brown, general manager of Paradocx Vineyard, this is already reflected in the growing number of visitors.

“Essentially, you’ve doubled your demographic,” said Brown.

Chaddsford Winery general manager Cory Krejcik said it also helps that visitors are now treating wineries like event venues. Even those not as interested in wine among the younger demographic will come to wineries to enjoy food, listen to music, and spend the day out with friends.

Besides, he said, the stigma that Pennsylvania cannot make good dry wine is gradually being dispelled.

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