Limerick Bowl goes high-tech with HyperBowling

Last month Limerick Bowl upgraded its 48-lane center and introduced area keglers to HyperBowling, a new kind of interactive social bowling experience. (Image courtesy of QubicaAMF)

Bowling, as you might remember it, will never be the same. And you have Limerick Bowl and its new HyperBowling attraction to thank for it.

Sure, there are still 10 pins arranged in a triangle. And balls are thrown down a lane. But other than that, it’s become a different world since last month when Limerick Bowl upgraded its 48-lane center and introduced area keglers to HyperBowling.

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“We are proud to have teamed with QubicaAMF to provide a new kind of interactive social experience to Limerick Bowl,” said general manager Chris Buser.

“HyperBowling is bowling like you’ve never experienced before. With introducing Hyperbowl, our focus was to add more diverse and engaging entertainment options for our guests – and we think HyperBowling definitely accomplishes that goal.”

HyperBowling was designed around an innovative new LED bumper system, which is actually meant to be used as part of the game. The LED lights create moving targets that players aim to hit or avoid. Each game has its own unique set of challenges and levels and includes video-game elements never-before-seen in bowling.

Every ball is different and there are new challenges at every turn. Bowlers can hit colorful moving targets to increase their score, or possibly lose their score. The lights change, the levels change, and with one single ball, the winners can change. It takes a traditional sport into the future with a set of revolutionary new games.

HyperBowling provides an interactive and immersive experience for bowlers of ages and skill levels. It levels the playing field, so you don’t have to be a good or above bowler to play and win. Every turn is different, and everyone can get in on the action. And gutter balls are few and far between.

Traditional bowling, which needed a shot in the arm to grow its support base, had a standard and sometimes confusing scoring system. With a new scoring system, HyperBowling introduces the widest and most innovative variety of on-lane, interactive entertainment available.

It includes several exclusive shorter format games. And bowlers have the freedom to select their favorite experience directly from the tablets on the lane, which feature a built-in camera and are easy to use.

Other bonuses include a new lighting system to enhance the fun. The scorers feature a variety of colors and effects that even responds to on-lane events, such as bowlers rolling strikes and spares.

“We can run light shows across the center or cater to different customer groups, like birthday parties, corporate events or casual parties with unique lighting effects on specific lanes,” Buser said. “With the combination of HyperBowling and other center attractions and features we are able to offer a completely new way for people to enjoy and experience bowling. The guest is in control of playing whatever they are in the mood for and there are more options to entertain them than ever before.”

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