PA House votes to double private school tax credit

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted to expand The Educational Improvement Tax Credit, increasing the amount by $100 million.

Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives are moving forward with a proposal to expand a private school tax credit program.

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit will be increased by $100 million, nearly double the previous amount, as the result of the 111 to 85 vote on Tuesday, according to

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Every Republican Representative and four Democratic Representatives voted for the bill, advancing the proposal to the Senate. The bill includes an automatic 10% increase built in if all available credits are used in a given year.

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit program has been around for 18 years and reimburses corporations for donating to groups that offer private school scholarships to low and middle-income families. The bill would increase the number of families eligible by expanding limitations on income eligibility. The bill would boost the maximum income requirement by $10,000, raising the eligible income for families making $85,000 per year to $95,000.

Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is hesitant to increase business tax credits if it comes at the expense of education funding going to classrooms.

For more information on the Educational Improvement Tax Credit click here.

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