Chef Keith Taylor creates Philadelphia pretzel stuffing to add a twist to holiday side dish

For Philadelphia Pretzel Stuffing, Chef Taylor soaks the pretzels for twelve hours since the dough is denser. The complete recipe for Philly Soft Pretzel Stuffing can be found at

Chef Keith Taylor, chef/owner of Zachary’s BBQ & Soul Kitchens, has created Philadelphia Pretzel Stuffing, a side dish that tastes great and does good. The main ingredients include Philadelphia soft pretzels, a desire to reduce food waste, and two like-minded culinary entrepreneurs.

Through his experience with the Drexel Food Lab in Drexel University’s Center for Hospitality and Sport Management, Taylor works with students to address issues like food waste through recipe development. Mark Scott, a friend of Taylor’s and owner of Norristown’s Pretzel Factory, lamented the amount of food wasted at his store and other restaurants throughout the country.

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“A pretzel on Day Two is history. A pretzel on Day Three is a weapon,” Taylor commented.

Taylor and his daughter, Sami, who is also the business operations manager, are preparing for the upcoming holiday catering rush. They are always looking for items to add to the menu, especially side dishes for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Pointing out the high amounts of food waste at home, supermarkets, and restaurants, Taylor recalled his grandmother saving ends of loaves of bread or stale bread for stuffing. Today, many people purchase stuffing mix.

“Someone baked bread so they could dry the bread out, package it, and charge you more! I know what happens with pretzels at the end of the day. It is something that can be used instead of thrown away,” said Taylor.

For Philadelphia Pretzel Stuffing, Taylor soaks the pretzels for twelve hours since the dough is denser. The complete recipe for Philly Soft Pretzel Stuffing can be found at

“The end result is the most glorious stuffing that you couldn’t even have gotten out of the best bread,” said Taylor of the Philadelphia Pretzel Stuffing.

According to Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, approximately 40 percent of food produced in the U.S. goes to waste. An estimated 1.7 million Pennsylvanians experience food insecurity.

Traditional stuffing lovers can also get their fill of flavor and philanthropy. Twenty percent of the proceeds from the sale of each Zachary’s signature cornbread stuffing, traditional sage stuffing, and Philadelphia Pretzel Stuffingwill go to the Coalition To Save Lives.

“We are humbled and grateful to be a part of your table on the holidays and every day,” said Taylor. “Philadelphia Pretzel Stuffingrepresents a piece of our tireless pursuit of coming up with new culinary creations and doing our part to help solve big issues.”

About Zachary’s BBQ & Soul Kitchens:Chef Taylor founded Zachary’s BBQ in honor of his grandmother and his family’s Southern roots. With numerous tried and true family recipes and hundreds of racks of award-winning barbecue ribs, Zachary’s BBQ & Soul offers authentic Southern specialties and real barbecue. Using only the freshest ingredients, we cook it low and slow to take the time necessary to do it the same way Gram made it in her little home kitchen.

About Chef Keith Taylor:Keith M. Taylor, Executive Chef/President, founded Chefsoul Culinary Enterprises, Inc. (CCP) in 1991 after attending Cornell and The Culinary Arts Institute and successfully establishing himself in major restaurants in Manhattan. Taylor has been a managing professional in the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years. His diverse experience includes restaurants, hotels, and organizations such as Walt Disney World’s Restaurant and Resorts Division, Hilton Hotels, Restaurant Associates, ARAMARK Corporation / Sports and Entertainment Division, Bon Appetit, specialty resort engagements and as an executive chef of retail operations. Along with expertise as a retail dining specialist, he has worked on several restaurant and high profile openings. Taylor is a husband and father of four.

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