Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board backs state tax on online travel booking

A new Pennsylvania law requires that school districts and local governments seek court approval before taking property by eminent domain if that property is under conservation easement. The law places a new hurdle The case has even attracted the attention of the state ACLU, which filed an amicus brief backing the school district’s right to appeal the original decision.(MONTCO.Today file photo.)

If approved by Pennsylvania’s legislature, a hotel tax applied to online booking sites like Expedia and Orbitz could add $20 million to the state’s meager tourism budget of $4 million.

The head of the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board has called on lawmakers to approve the legislation, in hopes that the extra tourism funding could lead to the construction of a $50 million Montgomery County sports facility, writes Alison Burdo at

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“The vision is that bucket of money would be for a sports facility,” Mike Bowman, president and CEO of the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board, said. “It needs to be a fair game. They pay in other parts of the country.”

While equity is one reason Bowman backs the bill, another is the potential financial help it could bring to the Montgomery County tourism agency’s aim to construct a 150,000-square-foot facility across 98 acres.

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