GMAT no longer the only way into business school

The standard pan-business school entrance exam has for decades been the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT. However, in recent years it has faced increasing competition from another standardized test: the Graduate Record Examinations, or GRE.(MONTCO.Today file photo.)

In recent years, the Graduate Management Admission Test — or GMAT  — has faced increasing competition from another standardized test, the Graduate Record Examinations — or GRE.

Although the GRE was designed for those seeking entrance to generalist graduate schools, more than 1,200 MBA programs now accept it in applications, writes Jonathan Moules at

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The rivalry between the two exam administrators intensified last month with the decision by the Graduate Management Admission Council to shorten its GMAT exam by 30 minutes.

Exam length is a problem, according to education consultancy CarringtonCrisp, which claims that a fifth of MBA applicants are so averse to exams that they will only apply to schools where they do not have to take a formal entrance test.

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