Tech Talk: Simulator subjects any home town to a nuclear blast

Bluecadet of Fishtown has designed a simulation program to show the effects of a nuclear attack on any city of the user's choice. (Image courtesy of

A frightening simulation program designed by the firm in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia shows users what would happen to their hometown if it was struck by a nuclear bomb.

In partnership with Madison, Wis.-based Outrider Foundation— a think-thank focusing on nuclear disarmament and climate change — Bluecadet built a simulator that lets you see how different nuclear blasts would ravage your city, and how far the radiation cloud would reach, writes Roberto Torres at

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So, what if the bomb went off in Philadelphia? Even the smallest option, Little Boy — the 15-kiloton device that ravaged Hiroshima in August 1945 — would create a heat wave that would engulf the heart of Center City, from 30th Street Station to Independence Hall. Radiation would spread for two square miles, and a 1.5-square-mile shockwave would hit everything in sight from Callowhill to South Street.

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