Physician network based in King of Prussia set to transform the region

The King of Prussia-based organization is called TPIN, an acronym for The Physician Integrated Network. (Image courtesy of

A physician network comprised of about 750 area specialists expects to enter into its first value-based contracts in the coming months.

The King of Prussia-based organization called TPIN, an acronym for The Physician Integrated Network, says it recently achieved compliance with the federal government’s standards for physician groups to operate legally as a clinically integrated network. As a result, TPIN is now looking to enter into value-based contracts with government and commercial payers as well as direct contract opportunities with employers and third-party health benefits administrators, writes John George for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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“We are confident we are now ready to deliver on our vision,” said David Gross, executive director of TPIN.

The group’s vision is to lead the movement away from fee-for-service medicine, where providers are paid based on the number of tests or procedures they perform, to a value-based model where payments are based on the quality of cost-efficient care delivered — and physicians are compensated for keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital.

Some of the region’s largest specialty groups are members. In addition to Cardiology Consultants, there’s The Rothman Institute, Delaware Valley Urology, Abington Cardiology Philadelphia Gastroenterology Consultants, ENT & Allergy Specialists and Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists.

Victor said TPIN is not done growing. He said the group would like to add additional endocrinologists, neurologists, rheumatologists and women’s health specialists — which are underrepresented in the network.

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