Spring-Ford Area High School donates $10K to Camp Rainbow

Camp Rainbow Inc. is the beneficiary of a $10,000 contribution, thanks to recent fundraising efforts at Spring-Ford High School. (Image courtesy Spring-Ford Area High School)

Camp Rainbow Inc. is the beneficiary of a $10,000 contribution, thanks to recent fundraising efforts at Spring-Ford Area High School.

Each year Spring-Ford High School hosts a Powder Puff game at the end of its Homecoming Spirit Week. The high school’s student council organized the game and voted to donate all proceeds to Camp Rainbow Inc., a weeklong camp for deserving Montgomery County children. Stacey Bogus, a teacher at Spring-Ford’s 10-12 center, Camp Rainbow Inc. board member and student council advisor, along with teacher Adrian Frain, helped students organize the event.

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“This year’s top pick was Camp Rainbow,” Bogus said. “Many students were excited about this, because there are several of our students who either attended the camp as children themselves or are part of our school’s resiliency team and have, as a result, volunteered there. Several of our returning alumni have worked there as camp counselors in recent years also.”

The Powder Puff game consisted of a round robin tournament of six teams of approximately 15 or 16 girls for both the senior and junior classes for a total of 12 teams in all. A cheer team for both grades performed a routine at the school’s pep rally during the day, as well as at the event.

Funds were raised through a portion of the fee to play, ticket sales, T-shirt sales and concessions. In recent years, the fundraiser netted between $7,000 to $9,000, Bogus said. She attributes the increased amount this year to more student participants.

“It is a fun event that brings a lot of students together while benefiting the community in which they live,” Bogus said. “The students of student council and powder puff coaches (students) of both the football players and cheerleaders and the players themselves deserve the most credit. If it wasn’t for their dedication, school spirit and generosity none of this would be possible.”

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