Transit Oriented Developments Shift Focus to Garages

Developments based around easy access to public transit are switching their focus to garages.

Developments based around easy access to public transit are switching their focus to garages with Lower Merion Township one of the first to embrace this new urban design concept, writes Caitlin Mccabe for Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

The concept aims to reduce the number of cars in mixed use developments by creating walkable communities that are steps away from major transit lines. Many people have already embraced a version of this by using car-sharing, ride-hailing, and driverless vehicles.

Also, with the need for parking garages decreasing, developers are now designing them differently with level floors and narrower ramps. This will allow the structure to be converted into office or living space as the need for parking declines.

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But while this has city planners and developers excited, some have expressed concerns.

Brett Fusco, assistant manager of long-range planning for the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, said transit changes “point to a future that could look really different than today and there is a lot of uncertainty in that.”

He added that it is important to consider what we can do to “actively shape these transportation technologies and have them move us toward the future that we collectively want, rather than just accepting what they might bring.”

Read more about these developments at Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette by clicking here.

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