Oaks’ SEI Campus to Double in Size

A ransomware attack against a vendor of Oaks-based SEI Investments resulted in a data breach of investors in about 100 of the fund administrator’s clients. Image via Montgomery County Planning Committee

SEI Investments is planning to expand its Oaks campus by developing an adjacent 90 acres of land. This would nearly double the campus’s current size and would add around 425,000-square-feet in new buildings over the next several years, writes Natalie Kostelni for Philadelphia Business Journal.

SEI currently employs 3,200 people at the Oaks campus, with the number increasing each year. In fact, SEI has been growing the number of employees on the campus by around 200 a year for the last five years.

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To accommodate this ongoing growth, SEI found a short term solution by leasing a 65,000-square-foot space in Malvern, but is now focusing on a longer term solution.

“We certainly expect to continue to grow,” said SEI Chief Financial Officer, Dennis J. McGonigle.

As the U.S. is the company’s biggest market, the majority its growth continues to be domestic. Also, while some future additions in Philadelphia or elsewhere around the country remain an option, the company is planning on focusing its ongoing expansion at its home base in Oaks.

At present the plan is still in development. However, the idea is to construct the new buildings, either nearby or attached to the existing ones, while retaining the same architectural design.

Read more about SEI’s expansion plans at Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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